Kardeşler Ulaşım


Kardeşler Transportation

Kardeşler Transportation Wheels, Motor Vehicles and Services CO. LTD. Sti. was established by Erhan Tuna in 1994.The company started to its way as a Distrubutor of the Jantsa wheels in the Central Anatolia Region. In 2000,company continued with Brisa Bridgestone and Lassa tires Inc. After a successful long term chart of the year,it opened its first branch in 2011 in Konya way. Then in the Ostim region in 2012, it has completed the construction of its headquarters and opened services of one of Turkey’s leading auto Practice in November 2012. In January 2013 again in Ostim, it completed the construction of the its 2 branch and opened Ostim commercial branch to serve light commercial vehicles. Kardeşler Transportation Lassa and Bridgestone brand passenger in a 4 * 4, light commercial, heavy commercial, sells industrial machinery and forklift tires. As well as trade groups JANTSA brand wheels, serves Happy batteries and anti-skid chains. Finally, under the brand name of the passenger car and commercial vehicle practice, began to give the paintwork and service. The main principle of the company is to provide maximum customer satisfaction without compromising on quality. Besides this, shows once more that was next to the customers with reasonable price approach. Company professionalism, combined with the amateur spirit of its customers has made it her mission to make consulting on everything. The obligations imposed by the corporate structure aware of the most serious close to 50 employees as one of Turkey’s leading company continues its path as.


Otopratik concept initiated by the pilot store was opened in Bayrampaşa in 2004 to work in May 2006. Otopratik service processes and standards in the light of experience gained here have continued to be developed and otopratik Since the beginning of 2007 has started to have a rapid process of expansion and spread nationwide.