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Ostim Autopractical or our Konya Road Branch;
Lassa Bridgestone or 4 Summer Tires Summer Tires area hotels Free or service maintenance and spare parts and labor repair 15% to 40% discount!
Campaign Duration: 10 March – dates between June 10, 2015.

From 180 TL to anyone who has prices starting from periodic maintenance;
Protec 79 TL instead of 39 TL internal engine cleanliness!
Campaign Duration: 10 March – dates between April 10, 2015.

Our branch can grind glass film Ostim Autopractical lifetime warranty.
From 350 TL price!

Ostim Autopractical our branch;
You can make your CarwashSabanci tool in securing our brand Advanced Internal Cleaning the only 180 TL!