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Resistance Against Special Conditions

Contrary to the known high-temperature battery gives you more harm than extreme cold. The best protection against unusual weather conditions in a way to keep your battery fully charged. In addition to periodically check the terminals against oxidation and relaxation, and cold weather conditions, especially to keep your car at night in a closed garage, the battery on your long for maximum performance to get you in sağlar.akü are faced with the failure by most vibration lead. Do not allow the battery to shock and be sure to pay particular attention to the tightness of the connections have been installed. Extreme heat in our country, extreme cold, and the design of our road record developed by Happy against the state and private tempered alloy provides much better performance. Used batteries; information from hearsay; heating with the aim of re-use or other various methods to revive, attempting to strengthen; leak, explosion or burning is not recommended because you certainly could damage both your vehicle more important. The Energyzer; No matter what kind of a vehicle; it offers you the freedom of your vehicle is important. Energizer® batteries for passenger cars; All vehicles with the appropriate battery series, unusual or old model car for the user güvenilirdir.energizer® innovative, tested, powerful, reliable and worldwide known for creativity and offers proven quality batteries. Mutlu; All the happy silver-calcium alloy is produced by auto batteries techonology. Silver calcium expanded new metal alloys of new alloys (expandedmetal Technology) as a result of the merger with the batteries are manufactured to respond to the needs of all car models.